i’m the person behind the camera

I’ll guide you through the entire process

My name is Emily and I live in South Charleston, West Virginia with my husband, three children, and our fur-babies. I will guide you through the entire photography process. It can be daunting if you've never had photos taken before, or if you're getting married. But let me alleviate your worries and fears, I will explain everything.

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If you want privacy, minimal people, or a strikingly beautiful and remote location, then yes! Eloping can be much less time consuming and stressful vs. a full wedding. Not to mention, cheaper. No venue, no big reception, no time limit.


Locations in West Virginia & the tri-state area can vary widely, giving you amazing choices to elope, have a wedding, or create memories. From downtown, to a lake, waterfall, or a field of flowers, we can find the perfect location for you.


Typically, things get busy around August-October. Leaves change, the weather is perfect, and holidays are just around the corner. Dates go fast during this time, so book accordingly. TAT is also extended. Spring is full of blooming florals; summer has green foliage and clear skies; autumn has changing leaves and cooler weather; winter has crisp snow and a "clean" look.